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Are you available to join our litter squad?  We will be meeting up on the first Saturday morning of each month from September to clean our streets.  All equipment will be provided.  This initiative is supported by The Sun Inn and we will finish off there for refreshments at 11:30.

On Thursday, 10th August, your Parish Councillors visited St Nicholas Court Farm and The Wantsum Brewery.  To read more about this click here. 

You may have seen the notices posted by Stagecoach that they are withdrawing service 36 from the end of August. Unless we receive notification from residents we will not contesting this change.

Our thanks to Anne Edwards and The Gardening Club for continuing to look after the planters.

If you come across any fly tipping around the villages please use the following link to inform Thanet District Council.


Click here for the BBC weather forecast for CT7