St Nicholas Court Farm and Wantsum Brewery visit

At the request of The Parish Council, Councillors visited the anaerobic digester at St Nicholas Court Farm and The Wantsum Brewery.  As guests of these two establishments we were able to see, first hand, how these two businesses operated.   I am very aware that the anaerobic digester has been the subject of much controversy since the planning permission […]

St Nicholas at Wade Village Sign

A new village sign has been installed on St John’s Green to replace the old one which had become warped and faded. The news sign has the same artwork as the old one which was originally created by local artist Mike Taylor. The Parish Council would like to thank Eddie McManus for all his work […]

Boot Wipers

Two new boot wipers have been installed in Bell Meadow near the main entrance and outside the Pavilion. The wipers can be used by anyone and it is hoped that these wipers will prevent people using the entrance gates to clean mud off their shoes and mud being brought into the Pavilion.


Three new planters have been installed at the main entrances to St Nicholas-at-Wade in The Length, Manor Road and Court Road to improve the appearance of these areas. The Parish Council would like to thank St Nicholas Court Farm, the Gardening Club, James Lamont and Martin the Handyman for all their hard work making this […]