Thanet District Council revised waste/dog bins

On the 15th March, Thanet District Council began rolling out a revised litter and dog waste bin project. As this information was released after the last Parish Council meeting, it did not have the opportunity to “launch”.

The introduction of larger capacity bins with smart technology (sensors) can provide data on usage and notify the council of the need to empty them.

In the current financial climate the use of larger capacity bins, that will not require liner bags, will help to reduce costs in terms of both consumables and frequency of collection, and enable staffing resource previously used to empty bins to be redeployed elsewhere.

New larger smart-bins are:

  • St Nicholas at Wade – Bell Meadow
  • Sarre – A28, Canterbury bound next to the bus stop

In addition to the new bins, sensors are being placed into all remaining litter bins in Sarre and St Nicholas at Wade, which will also provide smart data.

You can still report litter bin problems, fly tipping, missed bins etc here

New Sarre Village Sign Consultation

Your Parish Council has recently been looking at installing a new village sign for Sarre. It was planned to utilise some existing poles but following a  recent traffic accident damaging these, this is no longer the case. With every cloud there is usually a silver lining and this now provides an opportunity for an even better installation site, or possibly two! I will keep you updated on progress. I and the rest of The Council are keen to have residents’ input so five possible approximate designs are presented here for you to choose your preferred options. The final sign will probably be a well-illustrated as opposed to photographic representation. Thanks are due to my fellow Councillors, with local residents Andy Ewan and Susan Searle, for their fantastic help.

Please email me at with a first and second choice or text me on 07446781059. (Click “Play” button to view slideshow. Choices A, B, C, D & E in top left corner of each image.)

If you come across any fly tipping around the villages please use the following link to inform Thanet District Council.

Please let us know your views..

You may be aware that a generous donation has been made to The Parish Council to be used in the best interests of residents of the villages.  We would like to hear from villagers as to how you would like us to support our villages.  We are open -minded at the moment and welcome any suggestions that provide better facilities for all that live here. It could be from remodelling the tennis courts, providing a skate board park to starting a voluntary library and community café.  Please let us know.  Use the email facility on this site.

 Gordon Bryant

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