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The 2019 St Nicholas at Wade fireworks

Friday 1st November on Bell Meadow

The Pavilion opens from 6pm

Fireworks starting at 7pm

Limited parking in the school grounds


If you come across any fly tipping around the villages please use the following link to inform Thanet District Council.

Please let us know your views..

You may be aware that a generous donation has been made to The Parish Council to be used in the best interests of residents of the villages.  We would like to hear from villagers as to how you would like us to support our villages.  We are open -minded at the moment and welcome any suggestions that provide better facilities for all that live here. It could be from remodelling the tennis courts, providing a skate board park to starting a voluntary library and community café.  Please let us know.  Use the email facility on this site.

 Gordon Bryant

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