Thanet Local Plan Update

23rd January 2017: Thanet District Council (TDC) have just launched a consultation on the latest draft of their Local Plan which gives details of future housing plans across Thanet. The consultation period runs from 20th January until 17th March. The draft Plan can be viewed on the TDC website and at their office in Margate but there are also two copies in the St Nicholas-at-Wade Post Office. One copy will be kept there for reference but the other can be taken away for a maximum of a day at a time if required. Please have a look at the draft Plan and let TDC have your comments.

2nd December 2015: Click here for the latest communication from TDC regarding the Local Plan.

2nd October 2015: Latest statement from TDC regarding the Local Plan

Update on the Local Plan

The draft Local Plan, which went out to public consultation in January this year, stated that Thanet needed 12,000 homes by 2031.

This figure was informed by official population projections published at the time.

In March 2015 Government projections changed to reflect the latest Census data.

In line with Government guidelines, the council needed to carry out a review based on this latest data and appointed independent experts.

The draft findings of this review were presented to the Local Plan cross-party working group last Friday (25 September). The consultants identified that in order to meet Government guidance the objectively assessed housing need for Thanet is likely to increase to 15,660.

The final report is still expected.

The council cannot adopt a Local Plan unless it passes examination by an independent inspector. To pass this examination the inspector will test whether the council has based its housing figures on the latest Government data.

The council cannot ignore these updated figures because not having a robust Local Plan is not an option and leaves the area open to speculative development.

Upon receipt of the final consultant’s report, officers will consider the potential impacts this increase could have on the environment and local infrastructure.

Residents will be kept up to date throughout this process and a further consultation will be undertaken by the council in 2016 giving members of the public another opportunity to comment.

Approximately 1,200 homes have already been built and planning permission has been granted for a further 3, 243. These will all count towards the Local Plan housing requirement.