St Nicholas Court Farm and Wantsum Brewery visit

At the request of The Parish Council, Councillors visited the anaerobic digester at St Nicholas Court Farm and The Wantsum Brewery.  As guests of these two establishments we were able to see, first hand, how these two businesses operated.   I am very aware that the anaerobic digester has been the subject of much controversy since the planning permission was sought.  However, now that it is up and running it is providing the equivalent of 14% of Thanet’s gas consumption, employing eight people and providing a needy income to the local farming community.  Councillors asked about the smell that is created and clearly there can be an issue with this and the ‘mechanical cow’ odour is one that has to be addressed.  

Mark and his team at The Wantsum Brewery are producing a range of quality craft ales.  Surprisingly there was very little smell of hops and barley.  This is a growing concern and ‘The Tap’ is a very pleasant place to visit. These beers are being distributed throughout the UK and we hope that more businesses like this  see the merits of setting up in rural communities.