Planning application OL/TH/17/1342

St Nicholas at Wade with Sarre Parish Council along with its residents is strongly opposed to this development. We believe that this plot of land should never have been identified as a potential residential site in the now defunct Local Plan. It is our strong opinion that the entrance to our village via The Length is a heritage site that offers visitors one of the most remarkable vistas across Thanet.

This is a piece of grade one agricultural land that looks over The Thames Estuary with road, rail and sea modes of transport. It is, as our local MP, Sir Roger Gale has pointed out one of the most remarkable views in our area. Either side of this large plot are grade 2 listed properties Chalk Pit Cottage and Walmer Cottage, it is inconceivable that housing should blight this important artery in to St Nicholas. The Length is the main road to the school, the church and the centre of the village. We already have issues with traffic jams when the A299 Thanet Way is closed through numerous accidents. The water supply and waste water is at capacity and we frequently see water pressure falling and waste water overflowing. This plan does not address these issues. Construction is already taking place for seventeen properties in our village and permission has been granted for a further forty-one properties in Manor Road. A further application follows this one in which thirty-nine houses is planned in Manor Road, this is our preferred option.

We accept that housing is a key issue and that St Nicholas must accept our responsibility for ensuring that adequate housing stock is provided, however this is development is not the right one for our village.