Chairman, Councillors, ladies and gentlemen

St Nicholas residents are not NIMBYs. We welcome plans and construction of a high quality that fit in with our village without too much disruption. This planning application fits the bill in terms of the plan. We are impressed with the fact that the infrastructure for this project has been well thought out with a footpath leading from the A28 (Canterbury Road) and a water pumping station. Both of these bring benefits to our community. Manor Road has had too many accidents over the years and the footpath should help to reduce this. The pumping station may mean that the water pressure in the village is maintained or even be improved.

Should you agree to this development, this will be the fourth in this part of our village extending to eighty-eight houses. Our preference is that disruption should be kept to a minimum and we feel that by approving this scheme, in one quarter of the village, it will be. Other building work in the village at the same time would cause huge problems in terms of traffic, disturbance and noise.

This development will take the number of residential properties in St Nicholas that have been passed by planning in the last two years to ninety-four. This is well in excess of the seventy-five identified in the now defunct local plan. We believe in fulfilling our quota and this plan does that and more. We hope that you will agree to pass this planning application tonight so that residents of St Nicholas at Wade can then, perhaps, feel confident that no further development is agreed for the foreseeable future