2019 Community Award

Gavin receiving his award

This year, the 2019 Community Award has been presented to Gavin and his mother Pat Wilson.

In 1998, Gavin, mum Pat and dad John took over the village Post Office having managed the Minster Post Office before.

They have continued to run the post office, providing a much needed service to our villages, including daily newspaper deliveries to Sarre, despite the sad loss of John and more recently a very traumatic robbery.

We have great pleasure in awarding them with this well deserved 2019 Community Award, which this year is sponsored by The Powell Bar and Restaurant.


Each year, the Parish council look to recognise those within our villages that have provided support through business or voluntary service.

It is an important part of forming our history and making sure those that have helped build it, are recognised by the parish council to all in the villages.

If you feel there is someone deserving of this recognition, and you would like to put them forward for consideration for next year’s award, please contact the parish council.