Parish Council join forces to support Thanet Community Fund

The St Nicholas at Wade with Sarre Parish Council has agreed to donate £300 to the Thanet Community Fund.

Thanet District Council is using funds from the TDC Community Lottery and has set up a Crowd funding page to support specific areas of the community in their response to COVID-19 emergency.

Several of the Town and Parish councils have also expressed some interest in  providing funding and have created the Thanet Community Fund and it is therefore proposed that all funds provided are put together to maximise the benefit across three key areas, which are as follows;

  1. Provide essentials that are not currently being provided in the food delivery packs especially feminine hygiene products.
  2. Support innovative ways of dealing with domestic abuse during the emergency in specific areas not covered by the additional Central Government funding recently announced.
  3. Support long term health and well-being projects in the district as part of the recovery phase.



Items purchased will be given to Global Generation Church in order for them to distribute in emergency cases and to those other voluntary teams who are working with us in response to the current situation.