Who can register to vote?
Age – Whilst you must be 18 or older to vote, you can register to vote when you are 16. For 16 and 17 year olds, make sure you include their dates of birth so that they can vote as soon as they are 18.
Residence – People can register only for the address where they are resident
Nationality – British, Irish, European or qualifying Commonwealth citizens.
The ‘full’ and ‘edited’ registers – Held by the district council, the ‘full’ register lists the names and addresses of everyone who is registered to vote. Anyone can look at it but it is a criminal offence to supply or use copies for purposes other than those set down in law e.g. law enforcement, by credit reference agencies (but only to check your name and address) etc.
The ‘edited’ register is available for general sale to any person, company or organisation and can be used for any purpose, usually commercial activities such as marketing.
For those named on the form and who don’t want to be included in the ‘for sale’ ‘edited’ register, don’t forget to tick the appropriate box on the front page of the form to opt out.