Records and Registers

The Parish Council maintains various records and registers. Some contain information that is required by statute and others are kept simply to aid efficiency in the way the Parish Council carries out its business.

The main statutory register is the Register of Burials at the St Nicholas-at-Wade cemetery.   The Parish Council's Asset Register lists all the capital assets that it has  purchased or has responsibility for. The register is used to ensure that the  Parish Council’s assets are adequately insured.

The Parish Council’s Code of Conduct states that councillors must disclose  any Pecuniary Interests. The Monitoring Officer at Thanet District Council  maintains a register of these interests which the Clerk to the Council has a  copy of. See Register of Disclosable Interests page for details of current  councillors’s interests.

 A register is kept by The Monitoring Officer at Thanet District Council of any  gifts and hospitality received by councillors and any allowances claimed which  the Clerk to the Council has a copy of.

Al of these registers can be inspected on request to the Clerk to the Council.