St Nicholas at Wade & Sarre Parish Council is both a village and a civil parish in the Thanet District of Kent.

If all councillors are in post, the Parish Council is made up of nine councillors, one of whom is elected Chair/Chairman for the year at the Annual Parish Meeting. Seven of the councillors represent St Nicholas-at-Wade and two represent Sarre. The Council has two part time employees, a Clerk / Responsible Finance Officer and a Handyman.

The Parish council receives a precept which forms part of the Council Tax and some additional support payments from Thanet District Council to undertake the functions and it carries out in St Nicholas-at-Wade and Sarre. Various Local Government Acts give the Parish Council a wide range of powers to carry out these functions which include the management of allotments, burial grounds, public seats, memorials, provision of a village hall, playground, recreation and sports facilities and consultation on highways and planning matters. Click here to view a full list of functions and powers.

The Council owns the Pavilion in Bell Meadow with management of that facility delegated to the Wantsum Community & Sports Association. The Council also holds the deeds to the Village Hall in trust on behalf of the Village Hall CIO who manage that facility. One councillor sits on each of these Committees to represent the Parish Council’s interests.